3 Point Cultivators

Do It All In A Single Pass

Single Row CultivatorSince the last days when mules walked out of the garden tractors have been helping us farm. Farming is lots of hard, time-consuming work, many times going over the same land time and time again. When tractors came along, the 3 point hitch starting making it simple to change implements fairly easily, but soon after came the real time saver, the attachments that could perform several steps all at the same time.

The 3 point cultivator is just that, it is a simple tool that is pulled behind your tractor, performing several critical tasks at the same time, in a single pass, so that you don't have to go over the garden time and time again. The cultivator can be used as a garden bedder or hiller to prepare beds for seeds while putting a nice 'V' shaped furrow in the top, in a single pass. It can also pull weeds out from between rows when the plants are growing to make them healthier. The cultivator will also pull out the tire tracks after a pass to keep the ground soft.

The most important job a cultivator does is to help control the weeds in a garden. When weeds get out of control they rob all of the nutrients from the soil, and block necessary sunlight from reaching the crops. As a cultivator pulls the weeds out of the ground and to the end of the rows, the soil is left broken so the roots of the crops can easilty break through in their search for nourishment.

A cultivator can be used up until the plant is 12-18 inches tall since there is an opening at the top of the implement to guide the plant past the cultivator untouched.